Andra Taylor and Nate Dodge: Live at the Dandelion Communitea Cafe

Andra Taylor and Nate Dodge, an indie acoustic duo from Philadelphia, Pa, performed at the Dandelion Communitea Cafe here in Downtown Orlando last Wednesday.

The café is a very intriguing place to be, especially when you’re sitting directly in front of a music duo. This is where I found myself Wednesday night, as I enjoyed watching Andra Taylor and Nate Dodge play over a two-hour set.

The duo has been on the road since September 2012, and they haven’t looked back since. Taylor and Dodge both sold their apartments and have been living in a van traveling all over the country with Taylor’s dog.

The show itself at the café was strong, as they took turns performing different tunes as well as obviously playing some great songs together. Their equipment consisted of a keyboard, an electric drum kick, a djembe drum and shakers, a bass guitar, and two acoustic guitars. Clearly, these two have quite a diverse sound.

If you’re interested in checking the duo out, you’ll be able to track them through Facebook, but they will also be coming back to the Orlando area next month to play another show. Keep on the lookout for this duo, as their music is taking the idea of acoustic duos to new heights!